4 Electrical Things To Bear In Mind When Re-doing Your Bathroom

Redoing your bathroom is not a weekend job It’s something that takes a lot of planning and preparation, which is why it usually ends up on the wish list’ for quite a long time It’s not something to be rushed either, especially where the electrics are involved And because there is so much risk involved with water and electricity, it isn’t a project best done over the weekend by an enthusiastic DIY’er It really is better done by a professional! To prove it, we’ve got a few of the more common electrical issues and considerations you need to keep in mind when... Read more

Expanding Electrical Contractor Offers £500 Finder’s Fee

6th May 2019, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom Over the last 12 months, Harry Hislop’s fast- growing electrical contracting business has been searching for more experienced electricians to serve clients across the South West from Bristol to Reading Harry recruited Martin Philips in January but due to the company’s continued growth tracking at 30% year on year, he is already looking for another qualified electrician to join his friendly team NVQ Level 3 is a basic requirement and an ECS Gold Card would be a bonus In an unusual step, Harry is even offering a £500 “Finder’s fee” if the new recruit is still in post after 6 months... Read more

Multiple Milestones: HRHislop’s Champagne 1000th Customer in 10th Anniversary Year

28th March 2019, Devizes, United Kingdom – HRHislopcom Electrical Contracting has just clocked up their 1000th customer in their ten-year history, and it comes literally 56 days after reaching their actual ten-year anniversary on 1st February Over the last few weeks there was much speculation on social media as to who would win this exceptional bottle of Gold Imperial Moet & Chandon Champagne The lucky winner turned out to be Sue Austin from Great Cheverell in Wiltshire and on Tuesday, Harry Hislop congratulated Sue and presented this very special bottle of champagne with Jack Skyrme, the apprentice who installed four lights in... Read more

10th Anniversary Celebration for Electrical Contracting Ltd. Snow Did Not Disrupt Play!

1st Feb 2019, Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom – The Mayor of Calne, Town Councillor Glenys Ansell, joined around 55 guests who braved the arctic snowy conditions last Friday to celebrate with Harry Hislop on his company’s 10th anniversary at the Lansdowne Hotel, Calne Mind you, for the event to go ahead with due ceremony and its guest of honour, Harry did have to collect the Mayor in his 4 x 4! It’s this kind of “can do” attitude that is a hallmark of the company and the Mayor commented “Harry’s is a real success story because to get to ten years, you... Read more

10th Anniversary of Transforming Customer Expectations for HRHislop Electrical Contracting Ltd.

30th January 2019, Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom – For the last ten years, HRHislop’s skilled electricians have been challenging people’s perceptions of tradesmen Founder Harry Hislop started out as an apprentice back in 2005 but was made redundant during the big recession of 2008 Undeterred, he set up as a sole trader on a mission to “redefine the reputation of tradespeople” Just as Eddie Stobart’s uniformed truck drivers set new standards in the haulage industry, so HRHislop has broken the mould and is setting new standards in reliability and customer care for electricians On Friday 1st February, Harry and his team have... Read more

5 Ways To Save On Your Electricity Bills This Month

It’s been a cold few months Even though Spring now appears to have officially sprung, most of us will still have the heating running, the lights on for longer and the kettle running at all hours! But all of the energy adds up, and the average electricity bill for a medium-sized house in the UK is now an eye-watering £592 a year – and that number is only set to increase As we rely more and more on technology in our lives, electricity will keep dripping away to feed all of those devices, and your electricity bills will go up to compensate... Read more

Common Electrical Inspection FAQs (And Their Answers)

Let’s talk electrical inspections If you own a property, you need one Whether it’s your own home, a business premises or a property you rent out, you still need to make sure your electrical installations are safe and up to code You also need to comply with a number of laws on electrical maintenance, which pretty much means you need to keep up with your periodic inspections – and make any changes recommended quickly But it can be a bit of a confusing area so, today, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions around electrical inspections in your home, and in your business... Read more

What Makes A Good Smart Home?

Did you ever watch that episode of The Simpsons where Marge transformed the Ultrahouse 3000 home with the voice of Piers Brosnan? The house was all wired together and could do pretty much everything by itself, or at the request of the resident While that might have seemed very futuristic at the time (it first aired in 2001), we are now very close to having it as a reality, thanks to the advent of ‘the smart home’ As more and more people hop on the smart home bandwagon, we wanted to answer some basic questions – like what is a smart... Read more

How To Choose Your Retail Lighting In 4 Easy Steps

You may have heard the phrase ‘your website is your shop window’ And for a lot of businesses, that’s very true – which is why they invest a lot of time and money in making it flawless But what if your businesses shop window actually is a shop window? How can you make your wares look enticing enough for busy customers to stop and look, and then come inside? It’s not an easy thing to do, especially in today’s society where there is so much demand on everyone’s time But today, we have a secret for you The key to a good, inviting window display... Read more

Keeping Your Home Safe This December

It’s mid-December and you know what that means! The Christmas tree is up, the fairy lights are on, and everywhere people are getting into the full festive swing It’s a wonderful time of year, and at HRHislop we enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit, with tinsel and twinkling lights all around And this is one of the most common Christmas decorations – the one that unites everyone’s Christmas styles – the lights Power bills surge at this time of year thanks to these little glowing bulbs, and while they do look lovely, they also come with some risks So this year we... Read more