Stay Safe At Home During Isolation!

With the majority of people now working from home, there will be more electrical devices in the house than ever! In this article we want to give you some tips on how to stay safe whilst having all your devices plugged in Charging your devices Always charge your devices on a hard, flat surface Never leave them on a bed, sofa or other flammable surface as they can overheat and cause a fire that could take hold very quickly and have devastating consequencesUse the right charger for the right product – that’s one provided... Read more

Mandatory 5 Year Electrical Safety Checks for Landlords

Following on from the initial consultation, the ‘Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020’ were laid out in Parliament on 13th January Assuming approval is forthcoming from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords in the coming weeks, the new regulations will come into effect from July 2020 for new tenancies and April 2021 for existing tenancies Current safety requirements Currently it is not a mandatory requirement for landlords to provide an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) every five years The latest regulations state that all landlords should keep the... Read more

Stay safe at Christmas!

The holiday season is always an exciting time; the parties, decorations, food, family, friends, and fun can often overwhelm us and make us completely forget about home safety At HR Hislop, we want to help people have a safe and happy Christmas with their families and friends, so we have created this list of Christmas electrical safety tips to keep in mind while you go about your holiday activities The safety of you, your home and anyone around it is our top priority! At HR Hislop we offer lots of domestic services! Christmas heating safety: As Christmas... Read more

There could be unsafe electrical devices in your home!

During home visits from British Gas engineers, over 25,000 dangerous and unsafe electrical devices were reported The main bulk of these were older ovens and boilers To put that figure into perspective, it’s one in twenty homes visited by British Gas An interesting survey was undertaken which asked “If a device sparked, would you still use it?” and the general answer was YES It was also noted that around two thirds of homeowners in the UK actively worry about how safe their electrical devices are, whilst almost half have had an electrical shock from at least... Read more

A Starter Guide To Saving Energy With Light Bulbs

Energy isn’t a cheap thing On average, a UK household will spend over £2,200 on electricity alone in one year – more if the winter is particularly long and cold That’s a lot of money, and in such a challenging economy, making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible is a great way to cut down the bills and save some pennies But while a lot of people are switching things off at the plug or  buying new energy efficient appliances, they are forgetting that one of the biggest cost savings is actually hanging above their heads Yes, energy saving... Read more

Ways To Go Green With Electricity

We’re all becoming a lot more environmentally conscious these days Electric car sales are on the rise, the amount of non-recyclable plastics is being reduced and we’re pretty much trying to recycle everything Some of the ways you can become ‘greener’ are pretty simple however some of them take a little more effort Switch your lightbulbs Using energy-saving lightbulbs not only helps the planet, it helps reduce your electricity consumption as well! The average energy-saving bulb normally lasts 10 times longer than the regular bulbs and they use around 80% less energy An... Read more

How To Stay Safe In The Kitchen

Are you a keen cook who spends the majority of the day in the kitchen? Even if the answer is no, you should still read our tips on keeping safe when working alongside electrics in the kitchen Keep Your Workspace Organised When preparing your families meals or whether it’s a meal for one, the workspace where you are cooking and preparing the food needs to be tidy! This is because if there are electrical appliances and exposed sockets, you could easily knock something into them such as a jug of water or milk which... Read more

Smart Home Technology

Does your property still use traditional locks, lights and doorbells? If so it could be time to upgrade as it can prove to be more secure! Upgrading your property can also cut your electricity bill and be more convenient and give you more confidence! A few examples of “Smart Tech” are: Smart Doorbells: There are many smart doorbells available when you’re shopping around online The usual smart doorbell can alert your smart phone when someone is ringing the doorbell, the more you spend the more features you will get! Top of the range... Read more

How To Stay Safe At Night

Which room in the house do you spend the most time in everyday? Unless you’re a Netflix binger who spends hours a day in the living room the answer is most likely your bedroom! On average a person spends up to 12,000 days in bed, that equates to 33 years! Whilst being in the bedroom we all have bad electrical habits that could turn out to be potentially dangerous Below are some of our tips to keep yourself and your family safe! Don’t Leave Piles Of Clothes On Your Floor At... Read more

How Do Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work?

Odds are if you look at the ceiling right now, you will spot some form of smoke detector on it Similarly, if you go to your boiler cabinet (a bit difficult if you’re in an office), you should see another detector close to it, called a carbon monoxide detector These 2 little hunks of plastic are some of the most important electrical items in your home or office, and have saved countless lives over the years But there’s one thing we get asked a lot, which is how do these life saving devices actually work? What Do... Read more