28th March 2019, Devizes, United Kingdom

HRHislop.com Electrical Contracting has just clocked up their 1000th customer in their ten-year history. This comes literally 56 days after reaching their actual ten-year anniversary on 1st February. Over the last few weeks, there was much speculation on social media as to who would win this exceptional bottle of Gold Imperial Moet & Chandon Champagne. The lucky winner turned out to be Sue Austin from Great Cheverell in Wiltshire. On Tuesday, Harry Hislop congratulated Sue and presented this very special bottle of champagne with Jack Skyrme. Jack’s the apprentice who installed four lights in the mezzanine of the converted chapel Sue lives in.

Historic Moments…

Ever since he started his own business, Harry had promised himself he would do something special for his 1000th customer. So, this day was the realisation of an historic moment in the company’s history. And where better than in a beautiful historic building. Winner Sue Austin retired last October from her role as Superintendent in the Wiltshire Police Force and comments “This sort of thing never happens to me. I was absolutely bowled over when Gill called me from Harry’s office to say I’d won this very special champagne.” Sue is about to take a course in cocktail making so she can launch her own business. Not that she would use any of this particular champagne! Instead, Sue says “I’m going to save this bottle to mark 30 years as a Police Officer and the transition into my second career next month.”

Humble Beginnings…

Harry says “It gives me great pleasure to present Sue with this bottle of champagne as a token of appreciation to all our customers over the last 10 years. I’m thrilled my company has come through the rollercoaster of recessions and today we’re celebrating transforming somebody’s treasured home with better lighting. I love to see the difference we can make.”

Sue adds “I’m thrilled to support a local business. Harry and his team were fantastic and Jack who did the work for me was awesome.” HRHislop has been a great advocate of apprentices over the years. Harry appreciates he was given his first opportunity as an apprentice 14 years ago. Jack Skyrme joined HR Hislop four years ago and Harry says “From the first week Jack started on the tools I could see he was a natural and I’m delighted with his progress”.

HRHislop are like the “Eddie Stobart” of the Electrical contracting industry because they provide exceptional customer service. Harry has invested in a four-strong team at Head Office to manage inbound customer enquiries and the daily workload of each engineer, which makes the whole process much smoother for customers.

HRHislop pride themselves in providing the most professional services from the first customer call to the clean-up and exit. Being professional electricians, they undertake both commercial and domestic installations throughout the south. For more details contact us or call 01249 554750.