1st Feb 2019, Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom – The Mayor of Calne, Town Councillor Glenys Ansell, joined around 55 guests who braved the arctic snowy conditions last Friday to celebrate with Harry Hislop on his company’s 10th anniversary at the Lansdowne Hotel, Calne. Mind you, for the event to go ahead with due ceremony and its guest of honour, Harry did have to collect the Mayor in his 4 x 4! It’s this kind of “can do” attitude that is a hallmark of the company and the Mayor commented “Harry’s is a real success story because to get to ten years, you need to have great people skills and good staff. First impressions count and it’s been great to celebrate together tonight.”

Among other guests wishing Harry well was David Huband from TH White Installations Ltd. who said “I’ve worked with HRHislop for three years and they’re always very friendly, helpful and responsive. In my line of work, there is a very strict programme and HRHislop always abide by the timescales. My customers are always very happy with their work and I look forward to being able to do larger scale projects together.”

Colin & Coral Major from 1st Choice Stairlifts were celebrating their wedding anniversary and their company’s 15th anniversary, but still popped in to share in HRHislop’s celebrations. They said “Harry was an apprentice when we first met him. It’s very easy working with him. Sometimes we need work done very quickly because it might be a hospital discharge and we can’t wait 2 weeks, or it leads to bed-blocking. HRHislop can come out for us same day or next day which is unusual in this industry. We need reliable people who can be trusted to go into elderly or disabled peoples’ homes and his team are really friendly and react quickly.”

Helen Morten is an interior designer who runs HN Designs. Her partner Matt Morten has used HRHislop in his company too. Helen says “We’ve been working with Harry from the start and seen his team grow. It’s a good, reliable service and you know they’ll get the job done. If they think something is a bit different to what they’d expect, they’ll discuss it with us first. They really care and pay great attention to detail. Also, if we need something done quickly, they look after us because we have a great relationship.”

Steve Pitman runs Pitman Builders and adds “HRHislop have done small jobs for us so far. They’re very professional and Harry kept his word on everything, from the price to very quick quotes. One customer thought he was fantastic, which is half the battle. He’s like a really good ambassador for my company.”

Mark Pesckett from North Wilts Developments previously grew an offshore drilling company to 6,000 employees in 8 years. He commented “To see someone local grow a company is great. I love Harry’s ‘can do’ attitude, the service levels and the way he is trying to improve lives for himself and his employees.”

Finally, an amazing cake made by Napes Cakes was complete with little light bulb fittings. Calne Mayor, Town Cllr Glenys Ansell helps Harry’s partner Lauren James and Harry cut the delicious cake, with youngest son, 1-year old Felix looking on. All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves on a day when snow had been falling in Wiltshire for 36 hours straight, leaving anything between 20 and 30 centimetres on the roads. So many other events were cancelled, but it just goes to prove these tradesmen are a hardy bunch who won’t let a little snow stop play.