Online Quote Help Guide / How-To Guide:

This page is our help guide in case you get stuck on any of the steps within our online virtual quotation.

Step 1:

Video of the work required…

This video is a short example of the sort of thing we’d like to receive, just a brief visualisation of what you’d like done!

Step 2:

Photo of your fuse board:

This is an example of a bad photo, never remove the fuse board cover!

Good photo of fuse board for help guide

This is an example of a good photo, showing the circuit breakers and labels.

In case you do not know where the fuse board is…

It’s useful to know the location of your fuse board not only for our virtual quoting service but in case one of your circuits trips and you need to reset the breaker. Below are the most common places for a fuse board to be hiding away:

Under the stairs

Hall cupboard

Bedroom cupboard

Boiler cupboard

Immersion cupboard

Kitchen cupboard




In the majority of homes, they are usually located within 3M of the electrical meter.

If you still can’t find it, please don’t feel embarrassed to give us a call!

Step 3:

Brief description…

This is fairly self-explanatory, but just specify quantities of items required (1x socket, 3x light fittings) and anything else you’d like to discuss! We hope that most of this will be covered in the video anyway so don’t stress too much on this section.

Discuss Your Project With Us

If you would like to discuss your next electrical project or for any other queries, please do not hesitate to complete the enquiry form (below).

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