We’re all becoming a lot more environmentally conscious these days. Electric car sales are on the rise, the amount of non-recyclable plastics is being reduced and we’re pretty much trying to recycle everything.

Some of the ways you can become ‘greener’ are pretty simple however some of them take a little more effort.

Switch your lightbulbs

Using energy-saving lightbulbs not only helps the planet, it helps reduce your electricity consumption as well! The average energy-saving bulb normally lasts 10 times longer than the regular bulbs and they use around 80% less energy. An energy-saving bulb produces the same amount of light at 13-18W as the more traditional 60W bulb.

Switch lights off!

It sounds so obvious, but your parents and teachers were right when they kept on at you to switch the lights off when you leave the room. It’s an easy way to save power and reduce your electricity bill.

Hang it up!

Did you know that a tumble dryer is one of the most ‘power-hungry’ appliances in a household? It is much ‘greener’ if you use a washing line or rack. Even if its raining outside you can get indoor washing lines! So unless you are in desperate need of a certain item of clothing or you want to shrink something, then hang it up!

Get Smart

If you are worrying about your winter heating bills, you can take control of them by installing a smart thermostat. They allow you to monitor your heating from a smart device and help reduce big temperature swings.

Energy Saving Recommended Logo

Not many people know about the energy saving logo on appliances. Next time you head to the shops, keep your eyes peeled for the logo. These efficient appliances could save you up to £37 a year.

Recycle right

An estimated 1 million tonnes of electrical items are thrown away in the UK every year, that’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium six times over! The majority of this waste is completely unnecessary, as most electrical items with a plug or battery can be recycled. If you’re upgrading electrical items, look into ways that you can recycle your old one.

Switch it off

One of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill is by switching off all your electrical items off at the wall when you aren’t using them, this includes TV’s, desktops and phone chargers.

If you put all these into action, you’ll be greener & saving more money!