When it comes to electricians, it can feel as though you have too many options to choose from. Just ask for recommendations on Facebook and you’ll probably be inundated with suggestions, and likely end up with a shortlist of dozens of companies and sole traders to work with. The problem is, how do you narrow down all these highly recommended tradesmen, choosing an electrician? While the end decision is up to you, we have a few tips to help you choose.

Value For Money

When you’re looking for any sort of tradesperson, get three quotes, all from different suppliers. This is so that you can see if you are being overcharged, if your budget is wrong and what the average going rate is. This means you will need to chat to at least three companies about the project and let them know the kind of job that needs to be done, any materials or fittings you would like to use, and the timescales you want to work to. If you give the same information to each one, it’s easier to compare the quotes and understand exactly what you’re getting, and choose the option you believe will deliver the best quality at the best value for money.


A good tradesmen will be happy to give you not only excellent service, but a guarantee on their work. This is generally a good sign, as you don’t want to choose someone who might deny correcting a mistake they made, or someone who will refuse to fix a problem that occurs a week or a month later. So check what guarantee they offer on their work, and what their policy is on correcting any issues.


Every electrician is going to say they are the best in the business, which can leave you scratching your head over which one is genuinely the best choice. The way around that? Ask people who aren’t the electrician. Talk to people in your network, your local community or on Facebook and ask for feedback on your top contender’s work. Consider asking for people’s recommendations on an electrician. This gives you a good idea of whose work has inspired happy customers, and whose work falls a bit flat.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions of your electrician before deciding to work with them. Most will be perfectly willing to answer your questions, and this will give you a feel for which electrician is right for you and your project. A few questions you could ask include:

Are you a registered member of one of the governments approved schemes? 

Choosing a registered electrician can go a long way to reassuring you. This also means you get a lot of added protection should something go wrong.

Could I see your paperwork? 

Some people feel embarrassed about checking the qualifications of the person they’re employing. If you’re working with a tradesperson who is unwilling to show you their qualifications, it’s a big red flag.

Do you have any references from previous customers?

Previous customers are a great way to gauge the quality of a tradesman’s work. Ask if you can see some testimonials or speak to existing customers.

Who else will be working in my home?

Sometimes, for bigger jobs, electricians will need to bring in other employees or sub-contractors to help them finish the work on time. This is nothing to be alarmed about, but you should check to make sure you know who will be coming in and out of your home.

Can I get back to you?

You should never feel pressured to make a decision quickly. Ask if you can get back to them, and use that time to think over your options, get some other quotes or do some research before you make a decision. A good electrician will never say no!

At HRHislop, we work closely with customers, helping them complete projects to a high standard, on time and on budget. One of our expert electricians is always on hand to answer your questions and offer suggestions on your project. That could be changing your lightbulbs or fixing some old wiring. Hopefully, we’ve made choosing an electrician an easier task. If you’d like to know more, just get in touch with us today!