As of the 1st of April, the government funding for electric car chargers has changed! Now the OZEV grant only covers building owners, including landlords and social housing providers, residents in flats and rental properties, plus owners of apartment blocks. The workplace charging scheme is still in place with a few changes made!

For building owners which includes landlords and social housing providers:

  • A grant of up to £350 per charger is available.
  • A maximum grant of up to £70,000 is permitted with a limit of 200 applications
  • All applicants must be either a registered business or public authority. If they are a private entity, they need to be registered with Companies House, be VAT registered or be a private registered provider of social housing.
  • The property must have private parking.

For residents in flats and rental properties:

  • A grant of up to £350 towards the purchase and installation of the charger.
  • To be eligible, there must be off-street parking and an eligible EV/PHEV.

And finally, owners of apartment blocks:

  • A £30,000 grant funding per building, this is limited to 30 applications a year.
  • £500 per parking bay to wire them for future infrastructure, or £850 per parking bay for a working EV point.
  • Apartment blocks must have 5 EV charging bays with one installed charging point.

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The WCS grant is currently applicable to businesses requiring EV charging points for their employees and visitors. Business are eligible for up to £14,000 funding with a maximum of 40 sockets per building.

There are a few changes to the WCS scheme which include:

  • Small accommodation businesses (Where employees are present) and registered charities will be able to claim the grant.
  • Commercially let property owners will also be eligible for a £350 grant per charger, this is capped at 100 chargers per year. The parking spaces where the chargers are located must be reserved for future tenants, fleets or employees.
  • Small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) can receive £15,000 OZEV funding per building, five of the parking bays must be dedicated to electric vehicle charging. Funding will be capped at £500 per parking bay to wire them for future infrastructure, or £850 per parking bay for a working electric vehicle charging point. Applicants will be able to claim up to five grants but they must have at least one working EV charging point in place following the first round of funding.

To apply for a grant, head over to – for the guide on how to apply.