Benefits of EV Chargers

EV Chargers Deliver Faster Charging

EV chargers can charge vehicles up to three times faster than a traditional 3-pin plug and socket. Also, plugs and sockets are not specifically designed for vehicle charging and can be unsafe and unreliable.

EV Chargers Can Use Cheaper Energy

Charging faster means you can get more energy into your car during off-peak electricity price periods. Charging slower on a three-pin may mean that some of your charging might fall outside of the off-peak hours and into the peak hours where prices are as much as 4.5 times the price per unit of electricity.

Smart charge points, which are increasingly becoming the norm, will know when your off-peak periods begin and end and will automatically draw energy from the grid during these hours (typically overnight). This can cut home energy bills for the average driver by over £500 a year when compared to a standard tariff.

EV Chargers Can Use Cleaner Energy

When you’re smart charger is drawing energy from the grid during off-peak hours you’re also using roughly 25% cleaner energy. This is because our electricity generation comes from more renewable sources overnight than it does during the day. 

EV Chargers Upgrade Your Home

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, having an EV charger makes the property more desirable and practical. For landlords, it’s a nice extra perk to offer if you’re looking to find tenants or sell the property. It also demonstrates a proactive approach to innovation and modern culture and gives you the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to help us reach a net-zero world. Some reports have stated that adding an EV charger to your property can boost the value of your property by up to £5000!


According to ProjectEV… Say that you currently own a large diesel car and you run it for 15,000 miles a year, taking into account commuting and social use. Based on averages drawn in from Autocar and MoneySavingExpert, we calculate that you could save more than £3,000 every year by making the switch (£3,127.04 to be exact)! The other factors we use to determine this are the cost of electricity per kWh and EV mileage per kWh. With green energy getting cheaper all the time, your savings could grow over time.

There are grants available, check out our OZEV grant guide here for more information.


An EV charger installation on average costs £1000, however this price depends on a few things, such as:

– The brand of EV charger you’d like installed, we tend to install Zappi units as they are reliable and fairly priced!
– The desired location of the EV charger in comparison to the location of your fuse board or garage board.

If you’re interested in a quote for your EV charger, try out our virtual quote below!