The holiday season is always an exciting time; the parties, decorations, food, family, friends, and fun can often overwhelm us and make us completely forget about home safety. At HR Hislop, we want to help people have a safe and happy Christmas with their families and friends, so we have created this list of Christmas electrical safety tips to keep in mind while you go about your holiday activities. The safety of you, your home and anyone around it is our top priority! At HR Hislop we offer lots of domestic services!

Christmas heating safety:

As Christmas approaches, the weather gets colder and that means home heating becomes essential. Proper care should be taken with all types of heaters, whether electrical or not! Space heaters are a great way to heat specific areas of a house, but they always need to be used with caution. A space heater should never be left unattended and you should make sure that your heater is pointed away from walls and furniture and that it is not near any sources of water. If you use a radiator to heat your home, keep your decorations at a reasonable distance.

Staying safe around the tree:

If you are using a real tree, make sure that it stays watered, as a dry tree can be very flammable. If you have a fake tree, make sure that it is non-flammable. Keep your tree away from heaters, fireplaces, and candles. Before you string lights on your tree, check each strand for broken bulbs, frayed cords, or broken plugs. If you want to stay extra safe, keep a fire extinguisher next to your tree!

Staying safe when lighting your home:

It is important to focus on electrical safety when lighting your house, whether it’s Christmas or not. Most outdoor lights require the reach of a ladder, which should always be operated by two people to avoid injury from falling. To avoid the risk of water damage to your lights, make sure that your lights are rated for outdoor use before hanging them. Be sure to check each string of lights for frays and broken bulbs, as these can short out and start electrical fires. We recommend that you don’t use nails or staples to hang lights; instead, use plastic clips or hooks to avoid damaging wires. If possible, look into switching to LED holiday lights, as they do not generate the same amount of heat. Make sure that you always turn off your lights when they are unsupervised.

After reading all these tips we hope that you will feel a lot safer at Christmas! However, if you feel you need anymore advice with any electrical queries, Christmas related or not, then give us a call on – 01249554750 or drop us an email at –!