Tips on how to stay electrically safe in your bedroom especially when getting your shut eye!

Keep it tidy to stay safe in your bedroom?

I know, I know… we sound like your parents! But, there’s good reasoning behind why you should never leave piles of clothes on the floor!

Clothing piles can act as fuel for a fire, and also a hazard when you’re trying to escape. It’s also been said that spiders LOVE hiding in big piles of clothes, so… NO PILES = NO SPIDERS. So when you come in from a chilly evening, don’t chuck that hoodie on the floor.

I Must Charge My Phone!

If you haven’t heard the horror stories of charging leads going up in flames whilst people are sleeping then check this article out – Click here (WARNING: Images of burns)

If you desperately need to charge your phone overnight then we suggest placing it on a hard, flat surface. Take care to place it away from flammable fabrics. The latest iPhone software has smart features which includes a trickle charge when your phone is almost fully charged. This means it isn’t pulling maximum power all the time, causing less heat.

Make sure you are regularly checking the cables and plugs for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If you do notice anything concerning, stop using the appliance / device immediately.

Don’t overload your sockets!

It might seem necessary to use an extension lead to deal with the lack of sockets, however make sure you aren’t overloading these leads or your sockets.

Visit to check that your sockets are safe. If you are using too many extension leads, give us a call and have a free quote for adding sockets in a room, it may be cheaper than you think!

Picture of an electrician fixing back an additional socket, one of the ways to stay electrically safe in your bedroom by reducing number of extension leads.

Tested your smoke alarms recently?

When was the last time you tested your smoke alarms? It’s recommended that you test your alarm once a month! Also while you may already have a smoke alarm on the ground floor of your house, we urge you to have one fitted on every level of your home.

This means that if a fire does start upstairs in your bedroom, it will give you a better chance to get out safely and call 999 for help. It really could mean the difference between life and death by staying electrically safe in your bedroom!

Picture of an electrician securing a smoke alarm.

Heating your room?

If you are using a portable heater to keep warm, keep it away from flammable materials like papers, curtains and furniture and never use one to dry your clothes, again, check the cables and plug to make sure they’re in good, working order.

Electric blankets are also a common source of fires within the bedroom – make sure you replace your blanket if you see signs of wear and tear. Take a moment to read the manufacturers manual when it comes to storage as if done incorrectly it could result in frayed wires and a compromised blanket.

If you follow all this advice, you’re taking the right steps in order to stay electrically safe in your bedroom!