Check the breakers in your fuse box to make certain it’s not a problem with your wiring or an appliance.

Checking your fuse box is simple, have any breakers tripped? Has the RCD tripped?

A tripped socket circuit? Try unplugging everything from the sockets (even washing machines, tumble dryers etc.) and turning on the breaker. One-by-one plug them back in – If one of your appliances is the cause, the breaker should trip again. You may need to turn the appliance on to recreate the issue.

If it’s a lighting circuit, were you switching any lights on when it tripped or has it been raining? We often attend tripping lighting & socket circuits to discover an outside light filled with water.

Read this article if your lights aren’t working!

Any other circuits… a cooker, boiler, shower etc. may need a qualified electrician to investigate!

  • A cooker circuit tripping usually turns out to be the appliance. If it’s old we’d recommend replacing the cooker but if it’s still a reasonable age they can be repaired.
  • If it’s a boiler circuit, this could be the element, the feed or even a water leak! We’d recommend getting us to investigate this issue.
  • If it’s a shower circuit, this could be the shower unit or the feed to the shower. Again, we’d recommend calling us for this issue.

Your fuse board should hopefully contain an RCD which covers all the circuits. If this has tripped…

  • Turn all the breakers off
  • Turn the RCD back on
  • Individually turn each breaker back on until the RCD one again trips, you’ll then know which circuit is the culprit.

My neighbours don’t have power either!

If this is the case, you should check with your local operator (most likely SSE, but check here if in doubt) as there may be a power cut in the area.

If you’ve followed all the steps and still need assistance, call us on 01249 554750.