Are you a keen cook who spends the majority of the day in the kitchen? Even if the answer is no, you should still read our tips on keeping safe when working alongside electrics in the kitchen.

Keep Your Workspace Organised

When preparing your families meals or whether it’s a meal for one, the workspace where you are cooking and preparing the food needs to be tidy! This is because if there are electrical appliances and exposed sockets, you could easily knock something into them such as a jug of water or milk which could lead to electrocution. Another way to be safe in your workspace is to make sure you aren’t overloading your sockets (for more information see our previous blog post).

Make Sure Your House Has An RCD

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is key in this age in terms of electrics in the home. If you have an accident in the kitchen and come into contact with a live wire an RCD can save your life! It will detect when current is going down an un-intended path, such as your body.

Make Sure Vents Aren’t Covered

If an oven or microwaves vents are covered it can become dangerous as the heat will either not be able to leave the appliance or the heat will dissipate into a potentially flammable object. A common mistake is that people put things such as tissue boxes on top of microwaves which blocks the vents, and tissue is highly flammable so this is a big risk.

Don’t Attempt Repairs On Appliances Unless You Know What You’re Doing

The best piece of advice we can give is that instead of attempting to repair either the appliance or the sockets they are connecting to, give us a call! Your safety is paramount and trying to repair sockets and appliances yourself can put this in jeopardy! Contact us today for advice and any questions you may have!