Which room in the house do you spend the most time in everyday? Unless you’re a Netflix binger who spends hours a day in the living room the answer is most likely your bedroom! On average a person spends up to 12,000 days in bed, that equates to 33 years!

Whilst being in the bedroom we all have bad electrical habits that could turn out to be potentially dangerous. Below are some of our tips to keep yourself and your family safe!

Don’t Leave Piles Of Clothes On Your Floor

At the end of a long hard day at work all you want to do is throw those clothes you’ve been wearing for eight hours in a pile in the corner! However not only is this unorganised but you’re also creating a massive fire risk, it will act as if it is kindling on a fire! Or it could potentially block any exits out the room depending how large you make the pile!

Don’t Charge Your Phone On Your Bed

Did you know that roughly 53% of people interviewed in the U.S said they either leave their phone on charge on the bed or under the pillow! The heat given off from the charge cycle has only one easy way out and that is down into the fabric, over time as the heat dissipates into the bed/pillow it can build up to the point where it catches fire. This is very dangerous as if you’re sleeping on the pillow in question, your chances are very slim if you don’t wake up in time.

Don’t Overload Sockets

With there being over 20,000 house fires in the U.K every year, more needs to be done about electrical safety at home. A good place to start is with your sockets! Overloading sockets can have deadly consequences, although it may seem fine to keep on plugging things in and daisy chaining extension leads, over time the current will become too much for the socket and produce a lot of heat, potentially causing a fire! Also make sure that the current rating of extension leads is higher than a device you’re plugging into it.

Always Have A Smoke Alarm Upstairs

Relating back to our last blog, fire alarms are very important for your safety in a house. While you will have a smoke alarm downstairs, if a fire starts upstairs it could be too late when the bottom floor alarm sounds! So for a better chance if you ever have a house fire, make sure to get one installed!

Check Cables And Appliances

Wear and tear, loose fittings and damage to the cables of electrical items could turn out to be very dangerous! One of the most lethal bedroom appliances are hair straighteners, sometimes unplugging them can’t prevent fires. Some straighteners can reach temperatures of 220C and take over 40 minutes to cool down, this means that simply unplugging them and leaving them on your carpet or bed isn’t good enough, a hoot proof pouch to leave them in whilst they cool down is the best idea.

If you have any other queries of want your bedroom electrics checked for peace of mind then please get in touch!