The deadline is fast approaching for all properties! Landlords must ensure they have an EICR performed for all their properties in England by this date.

What is an EICR?

Much like an MOT for cars it is important that you ensure you carry out checks on the condition of the electrics in your home at regular intervals. An electrical installation condition report (EICR) identifies any damage, deterioration, defects and/or conditions which may give rise to danger along with observations for which improvement is recommended.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Landlords who fail to conduct an EICR (and any work it recommends) before the deadline will face a fine of up to £30,000. Local authorities will be responsible for enforcing the new rules, as specified under the Housing Act 2004. Local authorities can also arrange remedial action if repairs and improvements recommended in the reports are not made. After receiving a notice of remedial action, landlords will have 28 days to have the work undertaken, unless it is an urgent notice. A shorter timeframe may be given in this case.

What happens if my property fails?

If the report requires the landlord to make repairs to ensure the safety of the property, then these repairs must be made by a qualified person (HRHislop) within 28 days, unless the report specifies the work must be performed sooner. 

The qualified person must then provide the landlord with written confirmation, either that the safety standards are now met, or that further work is required. This written confirmation must then be supplied to each tenant within 28 days of the initial work being completed. It must also be provided, along with a copy of the original report to the local housing authority within 28 days of the further work. 

At HRHislop we provide you with a digital certificate which is included in the total cost of the EICR!

How do I book in my EICR?

If you’re the tenant of a property and don’t recall having an EICR completed during your tenancy then you’ll need to check with your landlord. Booking an EICR is simple, click the button below to receive our pricelist, if you’re happy with everything then get in touch with our full-time office team and we’ll have your EICR booked in for your chosen date! (Depending on availability)