It’s been a cold few months. Even though Spring now appears to have officially sprung, most of us will still have the heating running, the lights on for longer and the kettle running at all hours! But all of the energy adds up, and the average electricity bill for a medium-sized house in the UK is now an eye-watering £592 a year – and that number is only set to increase. As we rely more and more on technology in our lives, electricity will keep dripping away to feed all of those devices, and your electricity bills will go up to compensate. But they don’t have to, if you’re smart. All you need is a few money saving energy tips to save on your electricity bills, and luckily for you, we have 5 right here.

Switch Off And Unplug

By now we are all very used to having things on around us all the time. But did you know that even when you’re not using an appliance, it’s probably still using power? Even if you’ve switched it off? For example, even phone chargers will continue to use electricity when they aren’t charging a phone. As long as it’s connected to the mains, the electricity will trickle out and inflate your bill. Even things you leave on ‘standby’ are still using power, even if it’s just to keep the standby light on! The easiest way to cut down on your costs is to start physically unplugging the things you aren’t using. This can be a difficult thing to remember early on, but once you get into the habit you will start to see a real difference to your electricity bill.

Shop Around

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t stuck with one energy company forever. There are plenty of suppliers out there outside of the main names, and it’s your right to choose whichever one you want to spend your money with. Even if you’re renting your property, it’s your legal right to choose who you pay for your energy. If you are paying the bill directly, then you have a choice. So shop around, talk to independents and the other big names, and find the best deal for the energy you’re actually using, not what the estimates say. Switching to a new energy supplier could save you up to £396 a year, so it’s definitely worth shopping around.

Invest In New Lighting

More specifically, in new bulbs. Making the move to energy efficient light bulbs is one way to slash your energy bills with absolutely minimal effort, especially if you have a lot of spotlights in your home. To put that in some context, the average single LED light bulb costs around £1.71 to run for an entire year, lasts twice as long as other light bulbs and uses 90% less energy at the same time. This simple change could cut up to £180 from your energy bill without having to make a single change to your behaviour. And if you start turning off the lights that aren’t being used, you’ll see even more of a saving!

Choose Energy Efficient

Being a smart shopper can go a long way to lowering your energy bills too. If you’re replacing an appliance, choosing the most energy efficient model can make a big difference. For example, the running costs or your average washing machine can vary between £20 and £100 per year, depending on what model you choose. Research suggests that choosing the most energy efficient model for your appliance can lead to an annual saving of around £80 for a washing machine, £70 for a tumble drier and £89 for a fridge-freezer. Those might all seem like small amounts, but they really do add up!

Buy An Energy Monitor

If you’re not sure why your energy bills are so high, there is something you can do to find out. Buying an energy monitor is a simple and quick way to see exactly where in your house your energy is going, so it’s great for spotting problems or for helping you change your behaviour. These little devices just sit on the side in your home and monitor how much energy you’re using. Some will just give you an overall reading that will go up or down depending on the usage, while the more expensive will show you exactly what room the energy is going to. They aren’t too expensive to buy, and if you’re having a smart meter installed than the electricity company will usually give you one for free. All you have to do is ask!

At HRHislop, we try to help our clients understand their electrical usage and install solutions to help them cut down on their electricity bills. From fixing faulty wiring that’s leaking power to replacing your light fittings for you, our mission is to help you save money on power. For more information, or to book a consultation with us, just get in touch.